25Twelve Dry Bags

We are delighted to introduce our first 25Twelve product:  dry bags!

Not sure what a dry bag is?  Well, as the name implies, it is simply a bag that will keep your belongings safe and dry, protected from ground water, rain, boat bilge,  – you get the idea.  Tuck in your valuables, roll and buckle the top to form an air-tight seal, and your wallet, keys, extra socks will remain snug and dry.

If you already use dry bags, you are likely someone who loves the great outdoors.  Dry bags are indispensable additions to fishing, camping, hiking, and boating gear.  We aren’t terrible out-doors-y ourselves, but we are loving them for the pool, beach, – even the gym!

WATERPROOF DRY BAG: It’s your boat bag, swimming bag, waterproof beach bag, waterproof camera bag, camping bag,…

ALWAYS IN SIGHT: when closed properly, these bright beauties will bob on top of the water until you spot them

DURABLE: unlike a backpack, these water proof bags are made from heavy duty tarp that won’t let beach, bilge, or ground water seep through

SIZED RIGHT: the 10L bag works for small items, like a camera, wallet, snack; pack gear for two in the roomier 20L size sack

GREAT GIFT – use a waterproof bag to protect your boating accessories, camping accessories, jet ski accessories, paddle board accessories, kayak accessories

25Twelve Dry Bags are available now in two sizes:  10L (yellow) and 20L (orange).  We will be expanding the line to include more sizes and colors.

Interested?  Kindly follow this link:  25Twelve Dry Bags on Amazon!