Rings on Her Fingers

We are delighted to introduce our favorite product to date (don’t tell the dry bags):  Stackable Silicone Rings!

Two color collections are available for sale on Amazon now, and plans for the next six on the drawing board.  Such fun!

Although we love our rings – serious fun for our fingers  – we are almost more excited about the bonus items.

* THE BOX:  Okay, yes, it is just a package.  But – is it?  These super cute sturdy drawer boxes are designed to keep your silicone rings organized each night at bedtime, or perhaps hold your “good” rings while you sport the silicone.  But – they could do so much more!  Chunky, colorful, and utterly adorable, we expect you will find a special place on your nightstand for these beauties.

* THE BRACELET:  We motivate ourselves and one another all day every day with go-to words of inspiration.  It is our hope that you too might appreciate keeping a reminder handy.

What are your favorite words of inspiration?

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