Revenge of the Grandparents

We recently had some fun posting pics of our parents reclining in various hospital beds during a week when these two typically-healthy individuals repeatedly found themselves in the Emergency Room.  It was such crazy experience that we grabbed a white board and began keeping track: 2 Days Without a Trip to the E.R.! 

How did Mom and Dad feel about being so exposed on-line?  We don’t know because…they don’t know…

And then – karma bit us firmly in the next generation.

First, our dear niece Sadie awoke with alarming swelling.  Apparently, she has allergies that had been hitherto undiscovered in her x-teen years of life.  Sadie was made to suffer extensive testing on her beautiful back for a full week.

Next, Annie’s sweet daughter Abby lost a battle between her car and a landscaping truck.  Although the car was totaled, Abby walked away – Hallelujah!  However, she is now on the slow road to recovery from a concussion.

Finally (please, Lord, let it be finally), my Haley Rose somehow rolled her ankle, resulting in a fracture.  How does one break one’s leg merely by walking?  We cannot be certain, but understand that a stair and cocktail may have been factors in the equation.

Our beautiful girls are pictured, above.  Sadie is now recovered and avoiding cheap earrings.  Abby is smiling because she received permission for a night out providing she wore sunglasses and earplugs.

And on a positive note – Haley will be borrowing Mom’s eye patch to complete her pirate persona for Halloween!  Haley does use crutches at times, but has been delighted with the freedom the iWALK2.0 Hands Free Knee Crutch – Alternative for Crutches and Knee Scooters – by iWALKFree affords her.

~ Eileen

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