In the bag

Friends, we are excited to announce that have our next product up for sale on!  Woot!

If you are a boater or fisherman, you know the value of a dry bag.  If you are a butcher, baker, or candle-stick maker, you may not.  Yet.  Allow me to enlighten you to a few of the many uses of the simple dry bag.

For example –

  1. Have you ever struggled to carry your canvas backpack to the car after it gained ten pounds of water weight from soaking bilge from the bottom of your boat? Won’t happen when you carry your effects in a dry bag made of durable waterproof tarp.
  2. Have you ever retrieved your Nutella-and-Fluff sandwich from the communal cooler only to discover the bread has turned to soggy mush? Won’t happen when your lunch is sitting pretty inside a waterproof dry bag.
  3. Have you ever upended your cute dayback and sent your personal effects flying? Won’t happen when your accessories are securely stowed in a rolled-and-buckled dry bag.

Intrigued?  If so, we would very much appreciate your trying one of our dry bags.  Thanks! ~ Eileen


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