Hospital Week is a Wrap!

We have been talking about launching a business for years and years.

We made the decision to launch our business after closing our family home and moving Mom and Dad in with Annie.

Dad is sharp as a 93-year-old tack.  He enjoys short walks at the Shrine with Mom, balancing his checkbook to the penny on Quicken, and trouncing his girls daily on Words with Friends.  He does not enjoy white meat chicken.

Mom lives in the moment.  She enjoys short walks at the Shrine with Dad, singing ballads from the Big Band era, and folding napkins, either horizontally or diagonally.  She loves every kind of food, whether she eats it or not.

Mom has not always been wedded to “now,” (though she’s been wedded to himself since 1961).  She knows she has memory struggles.  We know she has Alzheimer’s.

It became clear to Annie almost immediately after they moved in that it was time to work from home full time.  We began our business while  completing the final move out of Douglas Street last spring.

First week of September
* On Monday, Dad to ER for chest pain; admitted.

* Released Tuesday.

* On Wednesday, Mom to ER for eye laceration.  Treated and released.

* On Thursday, Mom to ER after collapsing at dinner.  Admitted.

* Diagnosed and released Friday.

On Saturday, they rested.

Our next products will be live within weeks.  We hope they delight you, because our parents delight us – and need us home.

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