Jomac Girls in China!

Annie and I have made the big trip from Boston to the famous Yiwu markets!

yiwu market

Travel highlights:

  • Doted on by airline steward on flight out of San Francisco who took a shine to us: champagne, chocolates, a full page hand-written list of favorite destinations in Shanghai, and a shout-out to us by name when we landed after our 12 hour flight.  (We didn’t have the heart to tell him we were staying in Shanghai only one day!)
  • Offered exceptional kind assistance in Hongqiao Railway Station from a lovely girl who somehow determined that we were out of our element.

Travel Lowlights:

  • I made a terrific first impression by literally stumbling onto the bullet train from Shanghai to Yiwu, battling a heat-exhaustion black-out.
  • Not to be outdone, Annie rode her backside down a concrete luggage ramp in Yiwu after mistaking it for a wheelchair ramp.

We are having a wonderful adventure!

P.S.  It is a little warm.


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