In the beginning

In fall 2016, Mom and Dad made the difficult decision to close up our family home of 55 years. Mom was turning 85 in November, and Dad (Jomac) would be 93 in January.  It was time.  Thus, “The Suites at Puddingstone” were created.  Jomac and his bride moved in with Annie and her fabulous family in February 2017. It was during the many move maneuvers that Annie and I hatched the idea of launching Jomac Girls, Inc.  We are grateful to our husbands, children, and parents for supporting us in this exciting endeavor.

Life with Mom – Even before the move, it was not unusual for Mom to announce she wanted to go home…while sitting at home in her own favorite chair.  She continues to make this request on occasion from her new home at Annie’s. It can be a little unnerving.  Pointing out that she is in her new home now only makes a sad mom a mad mom.

Annie’s Tip – “Mom, when I feel like I want to go home, it is because I am tired.  Are you tired?  Time to get ready for bed?”  Nine times out of ten – she is!  she does!

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